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Gypsum sketch is usually used to train the precise observation of the performance of professional painting skills training, about to the country above the high school age, contrast, light and dark concept to understand, everyone can through a fixed method of training, can draw more like , More accurate. A lot of people on the plaster like charcoal sketch depicts a very wrong look, if the child will draw, that after the sketch carved more will be painted; if the painting is not good, maybe accept the sketch training will be better. So no matter how good the child painted, sketch training is like a panacea. Do not know the hard, need


Example 1
Chen Yan bamboo 11-year-old charcoal practice - Schick


Mature minds can understand the skills taught to the children, only to make children feel difficult and more retreat or even hate painting.

Children painting plaster like, feel the charcoal painting painted, wiping, wiping the fun, in fact, is a very good experience, as long as not to require accurate and difficult skills, demanding professional painting of the theoretical standards, focusing only on the experience of charcoal , Understanding from black to white, there are many different levels of gray hierarchy to understand the severity of strokes, lines and block surface treatment, and to "bread" this white charcoal, wipe the lines interesting. To experience these, to see what to draw what, like a little like the loss of the same, you can feel like painting plaster features.

Creative art education is to use every opportunity to explore the creative exploration, with the actual experience to go beyond the ready knowledge and technology, the focus should be on the experience of the process and the development of the spirit of the experiment. In the case, the child with "heart" observation, with "feeling" feeling, he grasped the changes in the depth of the charcoal pen, as well as the application of strokes, extraordinary mind sketch and intuitive ability, sharp, pure, direct, moving.
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