Me and Mom/Dad Art Class 我和媽媽/爸爸玩美術

Two and half to four -year-old children, using fun and interesting ways to lead them to develop original creative ability to inspire color and enhance parent-child relationship. Each class is designed by Taiwan Soho Art Children Museum. Every class is unique. We do not let children's creativity be resisted. We lead them to learn art with correct thinking. Each student will have their own characteristics, and we encourage them to be themselves. We give them the ability to express themselves and become independent and confident. Let them be young artists and designers. We offer different materials such as drawing ,painting, mixed media, clay, ....etc

2.5-4 歲的孩子,用好玩變化有趣的方式 帶領他們開發原來的創造能力 啟發色彩的感覺 並和父母能同樂 增進親子關係 每堂課由台灣蘇荷美術館設計每堂不ㄧ樣的內容, 我們的美術教室不讓孩子創造力受到阻力,帶領他們用正確思維學藝術, 是讓每個學生有自己的特色, 我們鼓勵他們成為自己, 我們給他們有表現自我的能力, 成為ㄧ個獨立自信的小小藝術家和設計家. 不同材料包括彩繪, 水墨, 水彩, 蠟筆, 壓克力, 馬克筆,雕術 和各種美術相關的材料.

Tuesday 10-10:50AM - 9/10 - 11/19

Saturday 10-10:50am - 9/14 - 11/23

10 classes, with parent for up 2.5 - 4 years old.

**only 6 kids in a class , spots are limited

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