Pluralistic approach

Children from the line began to graffiti, with age, shape description more and more specific integrity, the child naturally developed the creativity is gratifying, but often the first side of the box and then coloring, a color to lose control, get rid of the hard Edge of the contours of the shackles and the first shape and then the color of inertia. Why not change the way to draw, first color reconstruction, nor pre-draft, to release the child's dependence on the contours.

Example 1 Kang Yatting 6-year-old flower tear paste

Example 1
Kang Yatting 6-year-old flower tear paste

Painting can not only use the pen to "painting", the modern art master Ma Dayi with scissors "painting" of the clip is very interesting, the first paper color, cut out the shape, and finally for the composition of the arrangement. The painter did not draw the idea on the color paper, but with the scissors knife at the same time cut out the shape and color, brush only used here to paint, but no scissors so important.

Children can also use the same way to paint, cut and paste is not necessarily with scissors, hand is also a good modeling tool, hand-torn shape to break the hand-painted inertia of the rigid side of the box but worthy of good use, random nature irregular Color blocks, there are big and small, scattered arrangements, that is, sparse petals, torn into strips into the stamens or stems, for the screen to join the straight lines of thick lines. Although the sky background and the theme of the flowers are contrasting colors, but the children know how to mix into a calm and elegant gray tone, with gray to create a visual contrast against the color.