Change the way to think about it

Eat lunch, the soup is always left to the end of the introduction of a taste of food; Western food is very different, the first end is the soup, is appetizer appetizer. Different dietary procedures, clever different, have their own taste; painting why not so Past painting courses are often teachers first problem, let the children draw the content. The face of a painting, the child can not draw or do not know what to draw is a common thing, I believe we have had this head a blank experience. Why do not change the habit of creation, jump fixed mode, from the Untitled to find inspiration, to a reverse operation.

Lead the child from the occasional scene of life to find the shape, to capture the natural visual images to fill, the more chaotic unknown, if there is no like the scene, such as tide, clouds, sand

Example 1 Du Wenqi 11 years old Untitled

Example 1
Du Wenqi 11 years old Untitled

The more the beach can lead to the association, to explore the whimsy; even insignificant around the neglected spotted walls or ceiling rain stains are used to "elephant elephant" wonderful primer. The ancients watched the changing white clouds, when the white clouds, when the dog. Modern art of new bottles of old wine also use this way, Picasso is a master, he used a bike handle and cushion combination made a stunning "Ngau Tau".

With this open thinking of training methods in life to lead the children to brain imagination, found that art, not only readily available and easy to start, even a small child can learn from, and soon into the creative imagination; for older Children, from the invisible do not like the starting, such a reverse thinking also help them get rid of rigid simulation portrait depiction, make a more free and unique shape.
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