Black myth

Spread out a stack of color paper, the first child is attracted to the high degree of color is full of color. From the relationship between the physiological visual structure, the development of infants and young children vision is rough, if there is no gradual color education, leading the cognitive coordination of the middle or three times to stimulate the continuous development of visual training, the child will only stay in the identification will only Use these so-called "bold" colors, to the old or the lack of meticulous sense of color beauty. Like just eat McDonald's fast food, never experience the beauty of Chinese food is not tired of taste bud experience.

But we apply the dark color to the children, there are very stubborn concept of prejudice, as if children

Example 1 Zhan Hao Xiang 11 years old penguin

Example 1 Zhan Hao Xiang 11 years old penguin

If the usual use of dark tone painting, showing that this is suppressed, unhappy, or injured mind. Black seems to be numbered with a gloomy negative personality. Because adults think so, so children from kindergarten brought back the painting, Zhang colorful, almost all the colors are used, said the child's psychological development of healthy normal. General adult color of these paradoxical ideas, because in the process of education, the basic knowledge of color is not developed, the basic concept is not established, so there will be some baseless assertions of the values. However, these errors, but also without the views of the concept, but deeply affect the art of education and development. Opened in Taiwan, generally large and small game winning entries, winning is nothing more than "bold and lively" - high color, color, contrast strong works.

Black is not a scourge, let the children know the magical effect of black, like boiled vegetables to salt, soften the raw raw material rough, black to unity between the color of each other against each other, to reduce the strong contrast of color, training their eyes taste calm and quiet , Coordination of beautiful voicing.